Sophia Children's Hospital

Research Facilities

The continuous implementation and extension of shared facilities form a special incentive for scientific research. Erasmus MC will continue to invest in this type of scientific facilities and expand where necessary and possible.

Research facilities

  • AMIE (Applied Molecular Imaging Erasmus MC), offers multimodal and high resolution in vivo imaging of small animals and tissue.
  • ATMP facility, expert center for the production of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products.
  • Erasmus laboratory animal sciences center, center for animal research.
  • Erasmus Optical Imaging Center, expert center for advanced optical imaging knowledge and equipment.
  • ERGO, prospective cohort study on risk factors and determinants of chronic diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.
  • Experimental Medical Instrumentation, an innovative partner in the development of unique medical instruments and experimental setups.
  • Genomics, expertise center for genomics research.
  • Generation R, population-based prospective cohort study from fetal life until adulthood.
  • iPS facility, derivation and distribution of iPSCs for human disease modelling and on side training as well as user facility location.
  • LungAnalysis, Image Analysis Core Lab.
  • Proteomics, mass spectrometry based proteomics services for Erasmus MC community and external researchers.

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